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When a Member Leaves an LLC

Business man walking awayLimited Liability Companies are generally intended to outlive their owners/members. Unless the LLC’s operating agreement specifies that the company dissolved when one member leaves the LLC, your business may continue on without the missing person. Outside of any other end-of-work agreement you may wish to use — such as nondisclosure agreements or non-compete contracts — there are only a few formalities you must follow when a member leaves your LLC.

The most important first step is to check your operating agreement.

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Who Can Own an LLC?

HandshakeLimited liability companies are very flexible business entities, and this applies to ownership restrictions as well. The owners of an LLC are called members. A single member can own an LLC by him or herself, but a partnership of members, a group of members, or even a group of businesses can own an LLC. Limited liability companies are creatures of state law, which means every jurisdiction in the United States will have slightly different rules. The limitations on ownership, however, are fairly consistant across the country.

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